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Strengths and Overused Strengths: Public Workshop on October 1

Successful people tent to believe they are successful because of 100% of what they do.  What’s closer to the truth is that the are successful due to 90% of what the do and in spite of 10% of what they do.  For personal growth, we sometimes need an objective mirror.  My public workshop on October 1st will help you with the following: Read Full Post

Become a Conflict Coach: Public Workshop on September 23

The American Management Association estimates that managers spend 25% of their time dealing with employee conflict.  Want some of that time back?  My public workshop on September 23rd will help you with the following: Read Full Post

June: Where in the World is Gary?

In June, Gary is working up and down the I5 Corridor.  He’s facilitating a public workshop on Building High Performance Teams in the Portland/Vancouver area.  A government agency has asked him to provide a keynote speech on holding Powerful Conversations in Difficult Situations in Olympia.  He’s teaching a class at Bellevue Community College on teambuilding.  He’s consulting with a marquis Seattle company on improving team dynamics with a VP and his four directors.  A month filled with interesting work for great clients.  :)

April: Where in the World is Gary?

Gary is spending April 24th at the top of Grouse Mountain north of Vancouver, British Columbia.  He’s a guest speaker at a leadership summit for Telus, the Canadian telecommunications giant. 

May: Where in the World is Gary?

The first week in May, I’m the featured speaker for a best practices series targeted at small businesses in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA region. The title of the public workshop is Building High Performance Teams. Read Full Post

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