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Become a Conflict Coach: Public Workshop on September 23

The American Management Association estimates that managers spend 25% of their time dealing with employee conflict.  Want some of that time back?  My public workshop on September 23rd will help you with the following: Read Full Post

Powerful Conversations in Difficult Situations: Public Workshop on August 28

Want to learn how keep co-workers from pushing your buttons?  Have an employee whose effectivess gets short-circuited at the first sign of conflict?  My public workshop on August 28th will help you with the following: Read Full Post

Are You Trading Power for Sympathy?

As an internal HR Manager, I mediated conflicts for 8 years, and as an employee, I witnessed workplace conflicts for 20 years.  I’ve been intrigued by the idea of how we trade power for sympathy when we’re mired in unresolved conflict.  Here’s an example of what I mean.  If I’m in conflict with a colleague, and I’m a human being, I’m more likely to talk to a third party before I address the conflict with my "adversary".  Why would I go to a third party?  Here are the four primary reasons I’ve found for this typical human response: To recruit the third party to "save" me from my workplace adversary. To recruit the third party to join my side against my adversary. Read Full Post


I’m excited to announce the launch of the new website for GLFord Consulting.  Along with the general overview of my services, I will also be using this space to post articles and news stories. The articles will reflect my ongoing experience and current thinking about: building high-performing teams, management/leadership development, and resolving workplace conflict   I’ll also be posting news stories relating to work I’m doing in the realm of training, offsite facilitation, and mediation.  Thanks for visiting the site! Read Full Post

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