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Success Stories

Team Building

Gary worked with a small manufacturing company who was hoping to improve collaboration and communication across the organization.

"Gary worked with the entire staff in our manufacturing plant.  He quickly won over the skeptics, and helped us break down barriers between departments and between management and staff.  Gary definitely helped bring our company together in a positive way."

—Becky Pudists, HR Manager, Carlson Paving Products

After identifying that two internal departments in the same division needed to work more collaboratively, Gary facilitated skill building in the area of having difficult conversations and created opportunities for the two groups to use the skills in a real-life practicum.

"Working with Gary helped us to open a dialogue about unspoken issues between two departments, and this led to our being able to open dialogues about the unspoken issues between individuals."

—Kevan Wilson, VP, Sales, Nintendo of America Inc.

After assessing the team dynamics of the museum staff, Gary created a day of teambuilding during which we revealed the results of a team dynamics survey,  solicited the team members' aspirations moving forward, and engaged in skillbuilding to support the team in getting to the next level.

"Gary Ford quickly picked up on the issues faced by Museum staff members and crafted a workshop that met our needs. We are a stronger team thanks to his Team Dynamics workshop.”

—Jennifer Eser, Executive Director, Museum of the Shenandoah Valley


In 2005, Gary was able to create the conditions for open dialogue between two business partners, and the outcome was a mutually beneficial mediated agreement that has served them both to the present day.

"Our relationship has taken an important turn.  I speak on behalf of the Latamel team in saying that we feel comfortable about the communications we have had since the offsite Gary facilitated and have seen a difference in the way we interact with each other."
—Bernard Joseph, VP, Latamel, Panama
"We partnered with Gary to work with our Latin American distributors in Panama in 2005, and it brought us a lot of clarity about where the friction was between the two groups, and we left with a renewed commitment to the partnership."
—Steve Singer, VP, Licensing, Nintendo of America Inc.

Talent Management

A merchandising company wanted to build benchstrength for future openings in its middle management ranks, and they called upon Gary to support them in providing a multi-faceted process.  First Gary helped NMI identify high potentials based on business-related criteria.  Then, rather than providing an expensive training solution, Gary helped NMI map out stretch assignments that would allow high performers to demonstrate whether they were ready for the next level of management.

"Gary provided us with a means of identifying our high potentials among our supervisory staff.  He also worked with us to create a development path for them that focused on providing them with challenging assignments. The employees we identified have taken on more than we initially had planned.  It's been a wonderful growth opportunity for them."
—Mary Jo Bastuba, Senior Manager, NMI

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