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Gary Ford

Over the course of his 20-year history developing leaders, building strong teams, and creating optimal work environments, Gary has learned many simple, practical and cost effective ways to help individuals, teams and organizations thrive. 

Prior to consulting, Gary headed the Learning and Development functions for Nintendo of America and the City of Seattle.

To support your organization, Gary offers his clients four main services:

1. Leadership Retreats

2. Team Building

3. Training

4. Coaching & Mediation

His approach is informed by 20 years of experience in the field of learning and development and his experience managing staffs from 2 to 65, including both hourly and salaried professionals.

As a consultant, Gary knows how to listen for what may be hindering effectiveness in your organization. He partners with clients to efficiently identify, develop, and implement the most effective interventions to support the organization's employee development.

As a trainer and facilitator, Gary is a strong storyteller who knows how to capture the imagination of his audience and help them connect content to their workday challenges. Gary's workshops and retreats are known for their high level of interactivity, their experiential nature, and their wealth of practical tools and approaches for getting desired results.

As a mediator, Gary creates the necessary conditions for individuals, departments or organizations to come together and create long-lasting working agreements that minimize friction and tribalism--and maximize teamwork and effectiveness.

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Client List

Certifications and Qualifications

Project Associates

Ilana Guttman, Madison Valley Consultants. Ilana has been helping groups improve their working relationships, communication and training for over 15 years. Her unique approach to instructional design, group facilitation and training engages learners in a genuine, practical and enjoyable way that delivers long-lasting results.

Arden Clise, Clise Etiquette. Arden works with professionals and those beginning their careers to increase their soft skills through seminars and individual consulting. From making a positive first impression, networking with ease, to confidently conducting a business meal, Arden Clise teaches etiquette savvy that is essential for workplace success.

Community Contributions

Pro Bono work for the American Cancer Society King County, 2008-present
Board Member, Lost River Airport Association, 2010-present
Curriculum Committee for Leadership Eastside, 2008-2010
Greater Redmond TMA Board Member, 2001-2007
Seattle Institute for Management Studies Advisory Board Member, 1999-2007
Director of Membership for the Puget Sound chapter of ISPI, 1999-2000

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