GL Ford Consulting

Coaching & Mediation


Connecting new and struggling mangers to a coach provides positive support, feedback and advice to improve personal effectiveness at work. Gary Ford has worked with new and existing managers to bridge pre-determined gaps in performance.

Could any of your management staff benefit from a short-term relationship with a professional coach? Contact me, I'd be happy to help you.


Unresolved conflict within organizations comes with high costs to the bottom line. Conflict between individuals and teams diverts energy, lowers productivity, and undermines creativity and innovation.

Mediation is assisted problem-solving facilitated by a neutral party. Gary Ford has a high success rate mediating conflicts between executives, salaried professionals and hourly workers; between colleagues and between managers and direct reports.

When you enlist Gary as a mediator, you get sustainable resolution to employee conflicts without the need for your ongoing involvement. Business problems get solved, interpersonal strains go away, and you can focus on organizational again.

Do you have a conflict in your workplace that you need help resolving? Contact me, I'd be happy to help you.

“Conflict cannot survive without your participation.”
- Wayne Dyer
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